Earthquakes in Turkey and Syria

FIP is in contact with its member organisations and academic institutional members Turkey and Syria, as well as individuals to ascertain how best we can support access to medicines following the devastating earthquakes in Turkey and Syria (February 2023). FIP has set up a fund through the FIP Foundation to gather monetary aid from around the world — click here to donate.

“Access to healthcare is a challenge in disaster areas. Saving lives is a priority. FIP stands in solidarity with pharmacists, other healthcare providers and patients in the affected areas,” said FIP president Dominique Jordan.

FIP has also reached out to organisations of pharmacy students and early-career pharmacists through an online form to understand how it can support them during the crisis. “Regardless of country, region and FIP membership, FIP is ready to support all colleagues in educational and health needs during challenging times. In response to requests from the pharmacy students and early-career pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists in Turkey and Syria, FIP is immediately working to assist with the emergency responders’ efforts and ongoing needs,” said FIP CEO Catherine Duggan.